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Automatic Threat Detection
with Artificial Intelligence

SeeTrue revolutionizes the current security screening process, addressing the challenges of passenger throughputs, experience, security, and cost with a new Artificial Intelligence approach.
SeeTrue’s Autonomous AI™ Detection, provides automatic threat detection and alarm resolution for X-ray and CT systems. This novel approach operates beyond human sight – enabling passengers to leave items in bags, reduce manual procedure and increase throughput while maximizing safety to provide a seamless passenger experience.

Addressable Markets:

  • transport Transportation
  • transport E-commerce
  • transport Urban security
  • transport Cargo

The need for a new paradigm

The rise in threats over the past decade brings about the need for a new approach to enhance security and maximize safety. X-ray and CT Security screening is now enormously prevalent yet still almost entirely human resource dependent.

This intensive weight on human management presents serious challenges in threat detection (e.g. 2017’s TSA laptop Ban) bringing about safety challenges, slow throughput, poor passenger experience, and high costs

Leverage Artificial Intelligence Technology to Automate the screening process

titlebg Why Us

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Despite their best efforts and training, human agents have limitations. SeeTrue’s autonomous screening technology detects threats and contraband beyond current capabilities, regardless of the angle, size and occlusions - providing accurate recognition for proactive agent alerts.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Data enters the system and is processed. SeeTrue uses some of the data for improving detection and reducing false alarm rates (FARs). Updates are installed remotely, in coordination with the customer.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Greater Operational Efficiency

SeeTrue minimizes labor costs while maximizing safety. With an estimated 20% increase in passenger throughput, shorter security lines, and decreased need for advanced human training, operational costs are reduced dramatically. SeeTrue eliminates the need for redundant false alarm checks by supervisors.

Fast Response to New Threats

Fast Response to New Threats

SeeTrue’s AI works against an ever-changing landscape of potential threats. The AI learns and adapts to new inputs quickly. By always staying current SeeTrue adapts to the latest security requirements.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): SeeTrue AI runs on Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. By implementing SeeTrue AI, existing machines enjoy better detection rates and lower false alarms, prolonging product life cycle.

titlebg Our Team

Avihood Ben Ari Founder & Executive Chairman

Assaf Frenkel Co-Founder & CEO

Avi Biran Co-Founder

Dan Elharrar Chief Technology Officer

Eyal Frishman VP R&D

Yuval Amsterdam Director Business Operations

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